Blogpost 1 – The importance of being digitally savvy in the current society

In this day and age it is incredibly important to have a good knowledge of digital technology. The current society we live in uses digital technology in everyday situations, from basic tasks like sending a message via social network to booking a holiday on a travel agents website.

There is a huge difference between being a ‘digital resident’ and a ‘digital visitor’. A digital resident spends a great deal of time online and uses it as a place to socialise with others and express themselves through posts on social media. They are happy to go online at any time, even if they do not have a specific need to. On the other hand, according to White, Silipigni, Lanclos, Le Cornu & Hood (2012), a digital visitor uses the internet for practical tasks and will only spend a certain amount of time online. A digital visitor does not broadcast themselves through social media and is wary of this digital technology. They use the internet for a specific reason for example, researching a topic, then once completed will come offline.

I think it is important for people in the current society to at least be a ‘digital visitor’ even if they do not want to necessarily be a ‘digital resident’. This is important due to the amount our society relies on digital technology to function every day. A reason for being digitally savvy which relates hugely to the students on the course Living, Learning and Working in the Context of the Digital Economy and every other course, is that Universities rely massively on technology for their courses to function. They use the internet to allow students to apply for University, set up their personal profile and choose their classes. Universities presume that everyone on the course will have access to the internet and if they do not will at least know how to work the library computers provided. Students who are not digitally savvy would struggle more with the weekly tasks that need to be uploaded on myplace and assignments which have to be researched.

I personally would not consider myself a digital resident however I do like to check my social media every day and use it to communicate with others. This according to White and Le Cornu (2011) may class me as a digital resident. I believe this not to be the case as although I use social media a lot and may rely on the internet to some extent, I do not broadcast myself and share personal information with the public.

Even though I am not fully trusting in social media I do think it is important to have a good knowledge of digital technologies to keep up with the rest of the world which is advancing every day.



3 thoughts on “Blogpost 1 – The importance of being digitally savvy in the current society

  1. I think it’s very hard to distinguish whether most people are ‘digital residents’ or ‘digital visitors’ because we all probably switch between the two quite often. I know personally I could go through a period of time using the Internet for only socialising. Other times I use the Internet solely for researching or doing work and in these cases spending so much time working on a laptop or tablet I’m simply not interested in using it for socialising.

    I agree with the point that was made in regards to Universities using digital technologies and presuming that everyone has access. I don’t think this is necessarily fair on those that perhaps don’t have access or perhaps some don’t particularly like or feel they are good with digital technologies. It seems they are put at a disadvantage from the get go in the university scenario.


  2. I completely agree that technology is advancing everyday and think that everyone should try to keep as up to date as possible, however i also think many people are being forced into being digitally savvy. Your example about the university is perfect for this, many people might never have used technology for anything like this before, yet as soon as they start attending university are expected to know how to work it and i believe this is a very big expectation; even i struggled and i consider myself to be quite good with technology.

    I struggle to think of people of the same age as myself being digital visitors simply because myself and the majority of my friends are so involved with technology and social media; this is often how we communicate and again the majority of them are on the internet on a daily basis. I agree that is is much easier if we think of people being a bit of both; they may use the internet like yourself but may not rely on it for everything such as expressing their self/opinions. I do believe in the very near future, however, this will no longer be the case. Is this a good or a bad thing do you think? In my opinion it is for the better but it would be interesting to see if you agree with me as we both seem to class ourselves differently when it comes to technology.


  3. Cristina Costa says:

    I enjoyed reading your post.
    You seemed undecided as to where to place yourself within the digital visitor and resident’s framework, but actually that is not as uncommon as one may think. White and Cornu do admit that depending on the activity we are performing we might be one or the other.

    I would have liked to have learnt more about not being ‘fully trusting’ of social media as that would add a different layer of discussion to your post.


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