Blogpost 4 – Advantages and disadvantages of content being freely available online

Remixing content is defined as changing original content and adding other content to it to make something new. Anything which is uploaded on the internet can be used by other people whether they are just copying it or remixing it. Nowadays pretty much anything is made freely available online, it does not need to be paid for by its viewers.

(Beats House, 2011)

(Beats House, 2011)

An advantage of content being freely available online is anyone can view it. Therefore Nest (2013) states this increases people’s knowledge as the internet can spread information. The available content is mostly educational and can be used as a resource for teaching. This can be hugely beneficial to those who are not in full time education. Another advantage stated by Nest (2013) is that freely available content can help with research. Content which is online can be developed by other researches and expanded on. An additional advantage is there are many websites which people can use to advertise their content. For example, Youtube, has been used by many artists and comedians to promote themselves and build a reputation. Youtube has led to many people becoming well known and successful.

On the other hand a disadvantage of content being freely available online is that the person who produces the content is not gaining anything according to Hodgkins (2014). Another disadvantage is people can take other producer’s content and remix it or credit it as their own work without giving any acknowledgement to the original producer. The original producer is therefore being given a bad deal as they will not receive any credit for the remix or make any profit from it.

In my personal experience content being freely available online is a great advantage to users of the internet. I use online content on a daily basis, especially for University work. It is an extremely practical and effective way to research University assignments, for example. I also think it is a good, modern way for people to make a name for themselves. Viewers are unlikely to want to pay for content by artists and comedians they have never heard of in case they do not like their work. Therefore it makes sense to make the content free until they have built a name for themselves.



3 thoughts on “Blogpost 4 – Advantages and disadvantages of content being freely available online

  1. I have the same opinion as you when it comes to using the internet and online info for my university work and assignments, it makes life much easier and i am very grateful for all of the free info we have access to. I believe it is a very good thing, however i can see why information isn’t always free and widely available to anyone; people can claim it to be their own leaving the producer of the work unnoticed; perhaps if i produced things for the internet i would be against sharing all of my information with everyone and anyone.


  2. Cristina Costa says:

    you provide an interesting summary of the topic at hand. I wasn’t however sure of what you meant by the following statement: ‘person who produces the content is not gaining anything’ –> do you mean that there is no profit to be made from it?

    I would also have liked to know how you think the remixing culture will influence your professional practice. Just curious.


  3. In my own experience, I have always used the Internet to research for my education. I believe this to be very helpful and, like you said, increasing my knowledge. Advertising is a huge factor when websites can display their content. There has been many occasions when I have been browsing YouTube for specific artists that I am interested in but then be side-tracked and discover new artists that are advertised.


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