Blogpost 8 – Summary

The class “Living, Learning and Working in the Context of the Digital Economy”, has been extremely beneficial in influencing my learning and encouraging me to help others with their learning. This has been through listening to discussions in class and reading other people’s twitter posts and blogposts.

My peers at University have greatly influenced my learning by commenting on my blogposts. This has challenged what I have written and made me think more about the topic. Often it has brought new points and ideas to my attention due to questions being asked in the comments. For example, the comments made on my “Blogpost 6 – Pros and cons of online surveillance, safety and privacy” made me question what I had written the day before. The questions asked resulted in me looking into the topic more and reading about lots of others peoples’ opinions on the topic. Therefore this did influence my learning. The twitter page which was set up for the class,, did not influence my learning as much as I thought it would as I did not find it as useful as the commenting on blogposts. However what I did see on twitter made me research topics more as people shared links to documents they found useful and interesting. Finally being able to discuss the class topics in person with my peers hugely influenced my learning. This was due to working together to find answers to questions or talking about that week’s reading.

The way in which I contributed to other people’s learning is similar to how they contributed to my own learning. When asked questions by my peers in person or for example through text, I would try to help them by thinking of other ways we could look at the topic and other opinions which could be taken into account. Through contributing to others’ learning I was improving my own learning without realizing it. I also contributed to some peoples’ learning by commenting on their blogposts. This will have had the same effect they had through commenting on mine. It improved their learning by giving them another person’s opinion on the topic and also my learning by making me read other blogs and take new ideas into account.

Overall the class did influence my learning more than I thought it would. However some parts of the class helped more than others. I found the blogposts and commenting system the most beneficial part to my learning. On the other hand the twitter page was not as useful to me as it may have been to other people. This may be due to me not using twitter before this class and not having a great understanding of it.


2 thoughts on “Blogpost 8 – Summary

  1. I agree with a lot of the points you made about the class. The topics which directly impacted my future career were very useful to learn about & I’m glad that i took part in this class. I also find twitter not very relevant to the class, however i think if tasks were set specifically which related to it, it would perhaps have been a different scenario.


  2. I agree that the blogs were very useful. I thought it was very interesting to see what other people’s views were on particular topics and it opened my eyes to new ways of thinking. I also didn’t find twitter very useful but perhaps this was due to there being no set tasks and the use of twitter was optional.


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